Schedule of Fees and Remuneration Arrangements for 2021

Keenan Financial Planning does not offer free financial consultations. Free consultations are very often product and sales driven to offer the broker remuneration and fail to put the clients needs and goals first.

By paying a fee, you are assured of impartiality, independence and a truly objective report on your circumstances.

Such fees are set as follows for 2021

Professional Fees

A Full Financial Planning Review is €500 and includes;

  • Face to Face consultation with the client

  • A full Factfind analysis of Protection, Savings and Investments, Retirement Planning and Health Insurance is €500 (maximum 3 hour time frame).

  • A risk analysis conducted with client to establish client goals, risk tolerance and product suitability or unsuitability

  • A comprehensive personalised recommendations report furnished to the client

Focused Factfind is €300 and includes;

  • Face to Face consultation with the client

  • A lighter version of the full financial review, where a client is interested in only reviewing one particular aspect of their finances, for example, their retirement plans/pension.

  • A risk analysis where appropriate

  • A recommendations report outlining what I view as your best course of action to take hereafter

Broker Commission
In many cases, a client may wish to proceed with a particular product or service as recommended by Keenan Financial Planning as a result of the Financial Factfind.
If Keenan Financial Planning is remunerated by the product producer by means of a commission, all such amounts are clearly outlined to the client prior to any business being transacted. In some cases a client may wish to execute these on a nil commission, fee basis only, the costs of which are explained below

  1. Policy set up: €500 per policy

Keenan Financial Planning reserve the right to review this amount on a case by case basis depending on the scope of work and administration costs incurred as a result of executing a policy for a client in this manner.