Schedule of Fees and Remuneration Arrangements

Keenan Financial Planning does not offer free financial consultations. Free consultations are very often product and sales driven to offer the broker remuneration and fail to put the clients needs and goals first.

By paying a fee, you are assured of impartiality and a truly objective report on your circumstances.

Such fees are set as follows for 2023 and 2024

Please note that the following fees cover an online consultation with the client, conducted over MS Teams, Zoom or suitable agreed alternative platform. Face to Face consultations are not guaranteed and subject to availability.

Full Financial Planning Review – €500

The  Full Financial Planning Review covers the following areas:

  • Personal Circumstances.
  • Employment Status and Benefits.
  • Incomes and Outgoings.
  • Review of Current Financial Commitments.
  • Asset Review including Savings, Investments and Property.
  • Retirement Planning, current and former benefits.
  • Protection, current personal and employee benefits.
  • Review of current employer benefits including Death in Service, PHI and Pension.
  • An Investment Risk Analysis conducted with client to establish client goals, risk tolerance and product suitability.
  • A comprehensive personalised recommendations report furnished to the client.
  • Wrap Up online call to run through the report and discuss proposals.

Focused Factfind – €350

A lighter version of the Full Factfind where you wish to focus on 1 area of your finances.

  • Personal Circumstances
  • Focus on your particular area of interest
  • Investment Risk Analysis wher applicable
  • Personalised recommendations report
  • Wrap up online call to finalise

Mortgage Application – €400

This is a non-refundable fee and covers the administration carried out by Keenan Financial Planning in packaging and following up on a mortgage application. In instances where mortgage approval is received, clients typically have 6 months in which to purchase a property before the approval lapses.

Broker Commission

In some cases, a client may wish to proceed with a particular product or service as recommended by Keenan Financial Planning as a result of the financial factfind.

Clients have the option to either accept a proposed commission model from which Keenan Financial Planning would be remunerated directly by the product provider, or to pay Keenan Financial Planning an agreed fee directly for setting up the policy on a nil commission basis.

The fee structure for the establishment of a policy on a nil commission basis is:

  1. For Single premium savings/pensions. The greater of €500 or 2% of single premium amount/transfer value
  2. For Regular Premium savings/pensions. The greater of €500 or 10% or annual regular premium.

Keenan Financial Planning reserve the right to review this amount on a case by case basis depending on the scope of work and administration costs incurred as a result of executing a policy for a client in this manner.